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31. juli 2012

30. juli 2012


This W650 is for Zach, our first customer from the great Island of Ireland.. Enjoy ! We did!

26. juli 2012

Alu tank..

Let's go for it!

Be carefull.

This is what sometimes get reveled when we open an engine, someone has "Renovated" the engine and doesen't understand why it has broken down? Water cooled GL 1000 engines need's water running thru the cooling ducts, so be carefull with the Easy Gaskets !


Article in Bike Craft March/April 2012..

16. juli 2012

Gou Shibata..

We had a visit from Japan, Gou Shibata a cool guy and artist.. Look what he brought us, thanks a lot Gou!

Short visit to MULA.

We took a "day of" Saturday and went to MULA FEST in Madrid, here is a few pictures from what we experienced, some are a bit blurry, but that also describes our day.. Thank's to Nacho and the staff at MULA and all our new buddies.. David and crew, you crazy f.....