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30. juni 2011

Sorry !

The Garage, webshop and mail will be closed down for the next five days.

If you need to drop off stuff at the Garage, please ask out there where to drop it off!

The people there will be present at the office and Garage is not WM staff, and can't help you with any WM related business.


Finally Pål was abel to take his Guzzi and ride back to Oslo.
Glad you came home safely !

23. juni 2011

Ludo Project XS 650

Ludo look out for a package in the mail box!
Tested, ajusted, packed and ready for shipping!


Cedric did a long trip form Motor Valley to cold wet Copenhagen, and he brought a small selection of new project, more on this later!
Then he took with him back the Monkee#14 and The HOOK Triumph..
Cedric we are looking forward to see your new spot, we are pretty sure it will be stylish and detailed !

Blogging has been on the low side.

We know ! Due to some camera issues and a lot of bikes that we have to finish, but we'll try to keep you all updated, even if it's not as often as usual!

Now you all know..

Sr 500 tanks can be fitted on to a Kawasaki W650, maybe an idea for the Mistress project !

11. juni 2011

A CX 500 for Christopher

Drive shaft is the new thing !!

Thierry got himself a BMW.

Thierry from Mauritania ordered a Monkee Boxer, and this big proud German machine will get the big treatment and the Monkee style, before we will fly this bike to Mauritania..