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26. juli 2011

Tank need some time to get the right patina!

The Truxton is almost done, it just need a gascap and trip to the test bench for a dyno run..
Hopefully Peter from Amsterdam will be riding this home pretty soon.

BMW for Thierry in Mauritania

This is a BMW R100 that will go to Thierry in Africa.
It will get a new subframe that will raise it 1 1/2", spoked wheels, old R60 tank, nobby tires, engine rebuild, harder front end, relocated foot rest and a overall old look with a modern twist!

Mistress progress..

Need some paint, upholser, a final exhaust setup and a test in the dyno..

18. juli 2011


HOOK MOTORS are almost there, and we will be looking forward to visit the shop and see great work Cederic have done to give this place a nice vibe.
Visit HOOK here!

13. juli 2011


CX is getting a rough look, but will have the same layout as Monkee#27.


Mistress is getting ready!


The #32 is Almost done, but we still need some paint!

New Website is in progress.

We are in the prosess ofgetting the new website programmed,and the webshop will hopefully satisfied all our non EU customers..
Stay tuned.


The Latest Bikes has been added to the website.

4. juli 2011

Benelli for sale.

One of our customers have this Benelli for sale.
He wrote this: well it looks and drives just fine, it doesn’t like idling cold but is a well kept and maintained motorcycle. Pretty little racer.
You can contact him at christopher.truce@inbox.com

We are back at the shop from tomorrow.

Roskilde was great even if is was a bit rainy..