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29. juni 2009

Looks like great fun ?

Nice shoots, nice lightning, nice weather and nice bikes, and these boys looks like they have nice fun, what else do you want ?
Chek em out at Bike Moveus

25. juni 2009

Semi Monkee.

We did some semi Monkee rebuild, and made two good boys happy, these bikes where done on a tight budget, not something we do often, but we are pretty satisfied with the result.
We Hope you like it!



23. juni 2009

Monkee 14

A simpel Hardtail Chimp, the Monkee 14 and owner Peter Kilmose. This is all about oldschool/newschool hardtail fun, and we love it !
Check out Peters Blog.
And word at Bike Exif.

Monkee 13

Our first filmstar client, Joe Best Freind, he is a real poser and nicesest happy boy, Wrenchmonkees is happy an satisfied with this build, the Monkee 13 !


Jesper Ørskov Magnusson happy owner is proudly presending his bike, the Monkee 12 in the Next issue of the Danish motorcycle magazine BIKE.

20. juni 2009

This is Funny!

Another way to build a Honda CB750, what a beauty ! This bike was displayed at a show where we, Wrenchmonkees were represented!

Getting rid of Paint.

Without sandblasting !

Visit at Wrenchmonkees HQ.

Form a Dirtbike Gang, they wanted to see and talk about, what Wrenchmonkees are all about.

Serious Boys..

A shoot for French magazine L'Intergral.
And the two uf us that are Photographers, Anders and Nicholas hates when pictures are being taken of us..