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31. marts 2011

Preorder your Seat Cowl now!

These four Seat Cowls will be up for sale within the next month, all in black gelcoat witch you can sand, fill and paint directly on to, or you could just wax it and leave it black!
Below this post is some pictures of the prototype with mesurements, be aware that you'll have to do som fitting and modifications to make these Seat Cowls furfill the Monkeelook of your bike.
Seats are not included, but you will get a DIY kit for a Seatpan, with photo instruction on how to do it yourself!

LIMITED BATCH, PREORDER YOURS TODAY AT wm@wrenchmonkees.com MARK "Seat Cowls"






This must be one dramatic ride!

Bikeexif and CX500

We are following the discussion on bikeexif, and we are amazed over the stirr that this little bike can make!


Marc and Cederic, Look out for black Iron in your post!

Sunday Sport !

Tarozzi universal rearsets.

New in the webshop.
Foldable and Fixed