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28. marts 2010

Display Bikes.

Dispaly Bikes in place, get that damn nightclub finish !

27. marts 2010

The Boys from Arnes!

Mikkel, Bjørn og Magnus from Arnes Daek service, came by before heading to Africa.
Crazy guys on old offroaders, in need for some action ! We are looking forward to see and hear more about their trip, and all the adventures they wating ahead!
They do have a blog, but it is all in Danish, so if you don't read Danish, you'll have to guess, but do enjoy their pictures !

3 Bikes

Built, shoot and delivered.
Teasers of tree bikes, that have taken a lot of our time to finish the last couple of weeks.
These bikes is built for display only, and if you want to see them live, you'll have to be patient, they will feature as a part of decoratin in a new night club in Herning, Denmark.
More to come, this is only a teaser ! Patient dear !

Hellboy !

Is giving us hell with a lot of noise! Looking forward to see that costume on!

Monkee #2

Monkee#2 has taken a transformation back to the original Alu and Black look.
It's sold to a new proud owner, who I know is enjoying it right now.
Pictures from the delevering of the bike in Odense, Denmark..
Thake care of it and yourself Lars !

18. marts 2010

Workshop snaps!

Workshop snaps has become easier after I got mysel a iPh... ! No excuse for not blogging more often!

9. marts 2010


Even though we are busy building bikes and getting ready for spring to enter Denmark, we still find time to do a little work at the new HQ.. Stay busy!

Latest news !

8. marts 2010

Workshop Love !

Stole this from DICE Blog, a nice clean workshop with ton of lovely tools, and the right atmosphere! I would love to have a uncle with a workshop like this.
Read the story here!